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Our story

The Big Boom

To get where we’re coming from, let’s roll back to Roskilde Music Festival 2007 and the legendary moment The Boominator first appeared to unleash its madness.

Developed by a DIY speaker legend known only as Saturnus, The Boominator was a 25kg beast that sucked power off a car battery. It was ridiculously loud, unapologetic and like a rock star, it drove people wild wherever it went.

Little did we know at the time, but for us (Jesper, Christoffer and Hjalte), The Boominator and everything it stood for, would soon change our lives forever.

Becoming Party Professionals

Fast forward to high school and we’re just a bunch of guys looking for any excuse to throw a party. We found lots.

With loads of good times and several festivals under our belt we were dialling in on what it took for a speaker system to deliver mind blowing parties:

  1. it had to be extremely loud

  2. it had to go anywhere & last forever and

  3. it had to be completely drunk people proof.

The Boominator was great, but it had issues. The battery was heavy, it was super complicated to charge and shorted out whenever the beer started flying. We needed a portable speaker that could blast real parties to infinity – worry free.

Something had to change.

Build it and they will come

So after graduating we hit the garage and cobbled together our first proof of concept. We soon realised we were not alone in our quest for the perfect party machine.

We toured that speaker all over suburban Denmark and word began to spread. Soon friends, acquaintances and even strangers were asking if we could build them one.

We posted an ad on the Danish version of Craigslist and got more than 200 phone calls, emails and text messages. Everyone wanted this speaker!

That’s all it took for us to realise this could be more than just a hobby, so we quit our university plans and went all in for the dream.

The SoundBoks is born

Getting serious, saving money, learning and partying – we mean prototyping.

Itching to get started, we pooled our cash, rented a storage room for production and bought materials for 10 speakers. We were in business.

The next 6 months were spent improving our design. The sound was there. It was loud but that damn car battery was a problem.

Then on New Year’s Eve, Jesper had a flux capacitor moment. One of our friends had a huge power bank for charging his phone… Jesper thought, If we could modify it to send 21 instead of 5 volts, it could power our speaker, be easily swappable and change the face of partying as we know it!

We wondered why no one had done this before, but didn’t look back. The first real SOUNDBOKS was born.

Everything goes crazy

We firmly believed the SOUNDBOKS would be a hit, but none of us had ANY clue about actually running a business.

So we reached out to Casper Blom, a young and successful Danish entrepreneur who spoke at our high school. After meeting us and hearing the SOUNDBOKS he got super excited.

Within days he set us up with a loan, added key players to our team and helped us with the essentials.

We started showcasing the speaker, and demand exploded… And with just 90 days to Roskilde, we settled in for the most stressed out time of our lives.

The defining moment

When you’re doing the work of your life, things like showering and sleep take a back seat. On the flipside you figure out what you’re really made of, and that’s kinda cool.

With two months left before Roskilde we did the math. At peak production, it took 5 hours to build one SOUNDBOKS. That meant we had to cover 2000 working hours in less than 60 days. Holy shit.

Since only 8 people could work in our storage room, we hired 24 friends and anyone we could get from the local job centre, to work three 8-hour shifts, around the clock. We didn’t sleep, had tons of setbacks and everyone got sick, but we somehow managed to deliver 400 speakers in time for Roskilde.

At the festival, we set up a booth to charge batteries and handle repairs (these were still beta-versions). When we showed up the first morning, we were shocked to see 80+ people in line. Could there be so many complaints, already? Turns out they all wanted to BUY a SOUNDBOKS. We only had 3 left – Double holy shit.

Building the movement

A growing community and big dreams

Even though we’ve gone global, we’re still the same guys doing what we love — we just get to share it all with a bigger group of friends.

Our community is what keeps us going and with every shared story, pic and video we’re reminded of the true power of the SOUNDBOKS to transform moods by inspiring people to share real experiences and live life to the fullest.

We’re stoked to see like-minded people from all over the world finding their version of 11 and pushing the SOUNDBOKS lifestyle in ways we could never imagine.

We look forward to seeing where you take us next, so join the movement and share your SOUNDBOKS experience with us.

In the meantime, turn it up and party on.

-- Jesper, Christoffer & Hjalte


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