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The New SOUNDBOKS - Day One Release Info

*All times for EU = CEST / All times for North America = PST

The New SOUNDBOKS is coming on August 16, 2019. To keep up with demand and to ensure everyone has an equal chance for purchase, we’ll release the first stock in three Drops over the first day and randomly select the first day orders.

  • Drop #1 at 12:01 PM [Limited quantities, ships in week 35 (Aug. 26 - Sep. 1)]

  • Drop #2 at 3 PM [Limited quantities, ships in week 36 (Sep. 2 - Sep. 8)]

  • Drop #3 at 6 PM [Limited quantities, ships in week 37 (Sep. 9 - Sep. 15)]

Please note: Delivery time is typically 2-6 days from when your package ships. Delivery times may vary depending on your location.

All you have to do is submit your details as soon as the product goes live on our webshop at 9 AM on August 16. As we are picking randomly, reloading the page will not give you an advantage, and multiple entries will be deleted.

Here’s how it will go down:

  • On August 16 at 9 am, we’ll open our webshop for you to enter your details to pre-order.

  • Immediately after you enter your information, a hold will be placed on your card for the purchase amount and an order email will be sent to your inbox.

  • Within 30 minutes after each Drop ends, you’ll receive an email with either one of these messages:

    “Your pre-order has been completed (yay!). Your order will ship in X weeks, after which you’ll receive your tracking information via email.”


    “Your pre-order didn’t go through. You’re automatically entered into the next Drop.”

For each Drop, there will be a limited amount of orders and a fixed delivery date — the arlier your order is accepted, the quicker you get your New SOUNDBOKS.

Any questions? Read the terms below or hit us up at info@soundboks.com.

To enter the early access Drops the following conditions apply:

  • Orders must be placed between 9 AM and 6 PM on August 16, 2019.

  • Pre-orders can only be placed on SOUNDBOKS.com

  • Duplicate pre-orders are not allowed and multiple entries will be deleted and banned.

  • Orders are limited to 2 speakers.

  • Pre-orders are limited to a maximum of 2 speakers.

  • Entries will be selected in a completely random order.

  • By submitting your information into the draw, you are agreeing to payment in full if your entry is chosen on August 16, 2019.

  • If you are chosen, you will be notified within 30 minutes of Drop #1, #2 or #3.

  • Your order will be handled as a Pre-Order.

  • When filling in your payment information, a hold will be placed on your card. If your pre-order is processed, your card will be charged. If your pre-order isn’t processed, we’ll remove the hold on your card and delete your information from our system.

  • Price (1x New SOUNDBOKS): €899 / $999.

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    2-6 business days

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    2 Years Warranty

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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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