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Get your SOUNDBOKS delivered straight to Roskilde Festival: Choose Pick Up as Delivery Method and Roskilde Festival as Pickup location. Pickup at Roskilde only available when ordering before June 20, 5 PM. Don't want to run out of juice at Roskilde? We've teamed up with our amazing partners at Volt to give you battery swaps! Bring your empty battery, and get a fully charged battery right away. Use the discount code RF23 to get your 7 free battery swaps at Roskilde. You'll receive an email with the details before the festival starts.
Batteries, Chargers and Microphones are excluded from the Summer Adventure Deals. This is a Bluetooth Performance Speaker, the latest from SOUNDBOKS. Loud enough to fill a room or outdoor venue with huge bass, crisp treble and immersive sound for ~40 hours on a single battery. Wirelessly Host up to 4 other SOUNDBOKS speakers in TeamUp mode for events and parties. Built for durability, transportability, and connectivity, the SOUNDBOKS can outlast, outmove, and outperform any speaker out there. Connect to the SOUNDBOKS App to access a world of features—plus performance upgrades for new sounds, controls, security + more.
Shipping and delivery might take a total 2-6 business days from the day the order has been placed. Offer does not qualify for express shipping, and is not valid outside of continental Europe.

2+1 Year Warranty
30 Day Free Returns
Free Shipping
Premium Support
Compatible with the SOUNDBOKS App
Concert-level volume with amazing sound quality from 1-11 on the dial. Engage Bass+, Power, Indoor modes or the customizable EQ for a full-range frequency experience.
Use the app to assign stereo roles in TeamUP mode, dial in sounds + more. Plus, get performance firmware upgrades that make your SOUNDBOKS a whole new SOUNDBOKS from the inside out. Learn more.
Dentproof steel grill, splashproof electronics, and shock-absorbing silicon ball corners for worry-free operation. Take it anywhere and set up in seconds.
TeamUp with SKAA to create a wireless, assignable speaker system with up to five speakers. Engage the ProPanel for microphones, mixers, instruments + more.
40 hours of playback at mid-volume. 5 hours at full volume (126 dB). Swap two batteries in a snap to keep the music going while you recharge.

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What's in the box?
Soundboks (Gen 3)
Cable Bundle
Tripod Backpack
Backpack Manual Download
Manual Download
Tech Specs
Merus Audio eximo® amp switching
3 × 72W RMS class D amplifiers
Advanced Bass DSP
Effective frequency range: 40Hz - 20kHz
Custom sound profile with bass enhancer
2 × 10” 96dB woofers
1 × 1” 104dB compression driver tweeter
Bluetooth 5.0
TeamUP connection
▪ Wirelessly connect up to 5 (total) nearby New SOUNDBOKS(2019) speakers (SKAA network)
Pro Panel
▪ 2 × Combo microphone/instrument (XLR, 1/4”) input
▪ 1 × 3.5mm Stereo Input
▪ 1 × 3.5mm Stereo Output
▪ Bond Button for advanced JOIN settings
34 pounds (15.4 kg)
Poplar cabinet
Powder-coated aluminum frame
Powder-coated steel grill and handles
Silicone ball corners
SMP temperature-flex adhesive
66 × 43 × 32 cm / 25.6 × 17 × 13 inches (H × W × D)
Swappable grill and batteries
IP65 rated electronics coating
Pulse Reflex Port
UI Panel
▪ Volume control
▪ Host/Join mode for wireless TeamUP
40 hours at mid-volume
5 hours at full volume
3.5 hours full recharge
5-step LED battery-life indicator
Heavy-duty DC-connector
12.8V, 7.8Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
-10C to 40C temperature range
99.84Wh or 7.8Ah capacity
Over and under-discharge protection
Short circuit protection
Overheat protection
Cell voltage management
Custom EQ or selection of our optimised sound modes (Bass+, Power, Indoor)
True stereo roles (left / right / mono)
Configurations for Guitar, DJ mixer, Mic, Active instruments
Full input EQ control for the Pro inputs (XLR or 1/4'/6.3mm Jack)
Volume adjustment
Disconnect/Power off
Intuitive setup of a wireless setup, TeamUp. Connect to a specific Host-speaker or switch Host
See the inputs connected to you speakers to understand your wireless setup
Auto-connect for audio
Pincode for audio and the app (hijack prevention)
Toggle for SKAA Pro mode, for reduced latency in a wireless multi-speaker setup
Upgradeable software so we can continuosly upgrade your products!
What's a Bluetooth Performance Speaker?
BT Speakers
PA Systems

Concert-level Volumne

Crowd-ready Durability

Bluetooth Connectivity

6-second Setup

Swappable Battery

Wirelessly Pairable

Microphone & Instrument Inputs

App Compatibility

Upgradable Features (Via App)

You’re looking at it. The portability of Bluetooth speakers, the ease of use of a soundbar, and the volume and sound of a PA—the SOUNDBOKS is truly a one-of-a-kind speaker. The SOUNDBOKS Gen. 3 adds a Pro Panel to its performance capabilities, so you can connect microphones, mixers, instruments, devices and other speakers with no adaptors. But it’s on the inside that really counts. With OTA (over-the-air) firmware upgrades through the SOUNDBOKS app, this Bluetooth Performance Speaker can perform even more. It’s basically like getting a new speaker with each upgrade.
We offer free standard delivery for all orders over DKK 350. All products purchased through have an expected delivery time of 2-6 business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays). We also offer 1-2 days delivery (orders placed before 14:00 GMT Mon-Fri) to the urban areas. For rural addresses, please allow for additional business day(s). Read our full article. Order before 5 pm on June 20 to have your speaker delivered for pickup at Roskilde Festival. Don't want to run out of battery? No biggie! You can get 7 free battery swaps at Roskilde: Bring your empty battery and get a fully charged one right away. When ordering your speaker, use the promo code RF23 to get your free battery swaps. You will receive your confirmation email with all the details before the festival begins.
Warranty + Returns
We have a two-year (+1 when you register your speaker) warranty in the event of a technical malfunction, and we’ll repair or exchange the product free of charge within your term. We also have a 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied, you can return your purchase within 30 days. Want to know more? Read our full article.
Our prices are displayed in USD, Euro, Danish or Norwegian Krone. As it changes frequently, we approximate the exchange rate for Denmark and Sweden, however the transaction will be in Euro. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. We now also accept Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mobile Pay (Denmark Only) and Amazon Pay (US Only) for Accelerated Checkout. We also offer financing options through Affirm in the US and Klarna for Germany and Austria.
What is the usual playtime on a SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3)?The BATTERYBOKS used with New SOUNDBOKS lasts for ~40 hours when playing music at mid-volume and ~5 hours at full volume (126 dB) depending on the amount of bass frequencies being played.
Do I need to use the SOUNDBOKS app with the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3)?Nope, but we highly recommend using it. The SOUNDBOKS works as a speaker fully on its own—meaning you can play music wirelessly, connect devices to the ProPanel and use TeamUP to connect multiple Gen. 3 speakers. However, without the app you won’t be able to access the sound and performance upgrades. You’ll also miss out on the advanced controls and EQ profiles. Plus you can’t use TeamUp to assign speaker roles, and that stuff is really cool.
Do I need to register my SOUNDBOKS in the SOUNDBOKS app?If you want an additional year of warranty (on top of the standard SOUNDBOKS 2-year warranty) or if you want access to the full world of SOUNDBOKS, additional speaker security and the awesome features we’re currently developing, then you need to register. But if none of that matters to you, then feel free to enjoy your SOUNDBOKS as it is out-of-the-box.
Why does a Bluetooth speaker need to be durable?We don’t know what your shindigs look like, but our parties and events are unpredictable, so we designed the SOUNDBOKS to be ready for almost anything while still sounding full and loud. The coated poplar plywood cabinet of the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) is acoustically resonant and light, with optimal strength and flex – while the coating keeps it water resistant. The internal components of the SOUNDBOKS have an IP65 rating (though the bass ports mean that it should never be fully submerged), and the electronics and battery can play in temperatures from -10 to +40 °C (+14 to +104 °F).
Can I connect multiple SOUNDBOKS speakers wirelessly?With TeamUp mode, absolutely. Your SOUNDBOKS can Host up to 4 other speakers in Join mode. Using the amazing SKAA (pronounced like the musical genre) technology, the newest SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) is changing the game with the ability to wirelessly connect up to five SOUNDBOKS speakers. Through the AUX output on the Gen. 3 Pro Panel, you can also connect earlier generation SOUNDBOKS speakers with a 3.5mm cable.
Can I connect instruments and microphones to the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3)?Hell yes. Connect your mixer, guitar or any other instrument that uses TS or XLR outs to your Pro Panel found on the backside of the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3). The Pro Panel has two XLR/TS (6.35mm) combo inputs (labelled CH1 & CH2), plus one 3.5mm AUX input and one 3.5mm AUX output to connect to other speakers, including early generations of the SOUNDBOKS.
Can I charge and play my SOUNDBOKS at the same time?The SOUNDBOKS was built for maximum performance while running on the battery only. The charger T-jack was designed to be used while playing at moderate volumes, but the charger is NOT a power supply. You CAN charge and play at the same time, but to avoid damaging your battery, keep your SOUNDBOKS under HALF VOLUME—12 o’clock on the dial with 5 lights illuminated—when playing and charging simultaneously. This is with your Bluetooth device on full volume.
What is the wireless range of the SOUNDBOKS?The range on your TeamUP SKAA wireless connection is largely determined by the setup you choose for your SOUNDBOKS speakers, the environment you’re in, and the amount of people moving through the signal. When using the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) you want to make sure you have the best conditions for the wireless connection between your SOUNDBOKS speakers, and when placed optimally, the signal is tested at 50m (150 ft). The Bluetooth 5.0 range from device to SOUNDBOKS is also dependent on the above factors, but when tested optimally, the signal is 10m (30 ft).


The New SOUNDBOKS er den mest alsidige højtaler, jeg nogensinde har set.

"The New SOUNDBOKS er den mest alsidige højtaler, jeg nogensinde har set."

Tager din fest til næste niveau med endnu højere lyd og mulighed for at parre op til fem højttalere.

"Tager din fest til næste niveau med endnu højere lyd og mulighed for at parre op til fem højttalere."

Connecting several together is silly easy.

"Connecting several together is silly easy."

This imposing portable boombox is now wirelessly expandable, more dynamic and thankfully no bigger than before.

"This imposing portable boombox is now wirelessly expandable, more dynamic and thankfully no bigger than before."

A speaker that actually sounds like you want a speaker to sound.

"A speaker that actually sounds like you want a speaker to sound."

SOUNDBOKS’ most recent release is an awe-inspiring piece of hardware

"SOUNDBOKS’ most recent release is an awe-inspiring piece of hardware"

This will make you rethink what you knew about wireless audio

"This will make you rethink what you knew about wireless audio"

The world's LOUDEST portable speaker for DJs?
Soundboks Update - New Sound Modes New Features
The world's Loudest Wireless Speaker

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