Floyd Lavine

Floyd Lavine is a Berlin-based DJ and Producer
Floyd DJing with SOUNDBOKS
What or who is your biggest inspiration? My biggest inspiration is my mother. She is courageous, has gone through a lot and managed to survive. She still has a great sense of humour .
What are your biggest or proudest achievements? My proudest achievement is to be able to do what I love for a career. To be able to have friends and family that I love and value .
What are you motivated by? I'm motivated by love, by sharing and being a human and also by being authentic.
Favorite song right now? Deep Aztec feat Dumama - Healing Frequecies
Favorite song of all time? Haha that's difficult to pick to be honest. Let me say - Hugh Masekala - Stimela ( The Coal Train ) 
Guilty pleasure song? Kyle Minogue - Slow 
What is unique about their music taste? (everyone has a unique music taste) The groove is undeniable and fir music is about capturing a mood.



United States
United States