100 day soundcheck with the new soundboks
Experience SOUNDBOKS with a risk-free trial.
The 100 Day SOUNDCHECK is a risk-free trial available only for The New SOUNDBOKS, (Generation 3) speakers purchased on SOUNDBOKS.com.



Just order The New SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) from SOUNDBOKS.com. When you receive your speaker, you have 100 calendar days to take it out, turn it up and experience a SOUNDBOKS.


Put the speaker through its sonic paces. Download the app, try the custom sound settings, listen in multiple situations and environments, and–most importantly–crank your favorite song to 11 at least once.


If you don’t like your SOUNDBOKS experience and decide to return it, send us a message. We’ll give you a shipping label, you’ll pack it up, and send it back–no worries, no questions asked.
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Warranty & returns details

The 100 Day SOUNDCHECK is intended for testing audio and the full sound experience. We cannot accept returns of speakers that have been modified in any way (including adding stickers or customizing) or that are damaged beyond normal wear and tear*. In order for a full refund to be granted, all items need to be returned (SOUNDBOKS, BATTERYBOKS, Charger, including promotional items).

Be sure to keep your box for quicker, easier returns. It’s custom made for a SOUNDBOKS.

The SOUNDCHECK cannot be used to access discounts, sales or promotions. All SOUNDBOKS promotions apply only to speakers purchased within the designated period, as indicated in our official promotional communications. If your purchase includes free or discounted accessories, merchandise, etc. all items in the order must be returned without damage beyond normal wear and tear in order for a full refund to be granted.

If you wish to return due to a faulty factory unit, we recommend first contacting us to see if a repair is possible.

*Normal wear and tear refers to surface scratches, small dents, paint chips, and minor cosmetic damage. Please note and take pictures of any cosmetic damage you see when unboxing. Subject to damage beyond “normal wear and tear”, you may return any SOUNDBOKS Generation 3 (aka, The New SOUNDBOKS, SOUNDBOKS 3) within the applicable trial period of 100 calendar days, which begins upon receipt of your order. The 100 Day SOUNDCHECK only applies to products purchased new from SOUNDBOKS.com. Refunds will be issued in the form of original payment. If you purchased your SOUNDBOKS with a promotional code, sales code, or during a sales or promotional period, the dollar value of any discount or code will not be refunded or credited back if the product is returned.

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